Proctor Minnesota

Proctor is the ‘Gateway to Lake Superior’. This friendly community overlooks St. Louis Bay and Duluth harbor. Conveniently located at Exit 249 on I-35. Offers lodging, dining and family attractions. Proctor, MN offers great hotels, lodging, activities, restaurants and more! Proctor is conveniently located just a few minutes from downtown Duluth.

The Newest Family Attraction
in Minnesota!

NOW OPEN- Year Round

Hours: 10am – 7pm


Proctor Speedway & Fairgrounds

Activities – Proctor Golf Courses

Attractions – Engine 225 Baldwin Yellowstone – Downtown Proctor

  • 3,200 foot track
  • Individual coaster cars
  • Travel alone or in pairs
  • Complete control of speed
    (up to 26 mph)
  • Hairpin turns
  • Elevated like a roller coaster
  • Operates year-round due to its unique track system
  • Thrilling six-minute journey
  • Comfortable, scenic return trip to the mountaintop